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We offer a variety of products and services to help
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efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Investing in the safety, intelligence, and productivity of your fleet

Our fleet management services help businesses of all sizes improve efficiency, safety, and quality, from transportation to logistics. We can help you stay compliant and streamline your operations, so you can focus on what you do best.

Fleetistics can help you take your fleet operations to the next level!

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Fleet Management Services that Deliver

There are many reasons why businesses of all sizes could benefit from fleet management software and services.
Some of the key advantages include:

Improved Efficiency

Fleet management can help businesses save time and improve the efficiency of their operations. Achieved by optimizing for efficient routes, improving fuel efficiency , and scheduling preventative maintenance and repairs.

Reduced costs

By saving money on fuel, maintenance, and insurance, fleet management helps reduce operating costs.

Enhanced Safety

Fleet management can improve driver safety and reduce accidents by training drivers, monitoring driving behavior, and maintaining vehicles.

Improved compliance

Stay on top of compliance with all applicable regulations e.g. vehicle safety regulations, driver licensing requirements, and environmental regulations.

Reduce Costs, Improve Safety, and Boost Productivity with Our Fleet Management Platforms

Our approach is to offer several solutions which can be tailored to a customer’s
budget and fleet management requirements.

Go Platform

If you are looking for a robust fleet management ecosystem that allows a company to go in any direction, choose Fleetistics GO.

  • High resolutions GPS tracking and telematics
  • Multiple service plans
  • Drive safety scoring
  • ELD, DVIR, driver ID, scoring
  • Engine DTCs
  • Expandability – 250+ 3rd party integrations
  • APIs for integration, including OEMs
  • Dashcam integration
  • Government specific servers for cyber security
  • Share data between accounts
  • Sourcewell purchasing
  • Multi-lingual interface
Go Platform
If you are focused primarily on GPS for vehicles, equipment, and assets, Fleetistics ONE balances great tracking with price.
  • Quality GPS tracking
  • Weather radar & future-cast to keep workers safe
  • Mobile app with SOS, image sharing and chat
  • Highly configurable alerts
  • Route replay
  • Custom map icons
  • Integration options
  • Over 100 GPS devices integrated
  • Dashcam integration
  • Share limited data between accounts
Lite Platform

Our Fleetistics LITE is a basic small fleet solution for essential tracking data with a very low monthly service fee.

  • Basic & simple
  • Super affordable
  • Upgrade to Fleetistics ONE if more functionality and data is needed
  • Multiple vehicle and asset GPS device options
Core Platform

Last known location keeps the monthly service fee to the bare minimum for inventory and theft recovery with Fleetistics CORE.

  • Map showing the last known location of each asset
  • Movement updates
  • Daily “heartbeat” when stationary
  • Battery status
  • Upgrade to LITE or ONE if more features are needed
loT Platform

Our Fleetistics loT is a data-only solution use without having to develop the complex capability to parse data from cellular carriers.

  • Fleetistics provides a GPS device and cellular service, no UI
  • Raw data from the GPS tracker or IoT device is brought into a central database, decoded and shared using an API
  • Data storage is done in the customer’s environment
  • Upgrade to the LITE or ONE if more features are needed

Our CrewChief Mobile App – A fleet multi-tool

CrewChief fleet dashcams ensure productivity, promote safety, and help protect you against unfounded legal liability.

When your vehicle is involved in an accident, your business will undoubtedly be named in the lawsuit. Video evidence from dashcams is the surest way to dispute false claims.

Protect drivers
Protect company
Improve productivity
Lower insurance?

Key Benefits:

  • Event based video uploads based on defined rules
  • Live view with auto disconnect
  • Optional GPS tracking service
  • Optional driver event alert
  • Real time monitoring – In and/or Out cameras
  • Looping memory on camera
  • Accepts SD card up to 256gb
  • Mobile app for location and video access
  • Upgrade UI to more capable platform as needs change
Crew Chief Mobile

What our clients say about us

“Fleetistics was our first choice when we decided to start using GPS trackers. It has been their excellent service and guidance that has kept us with them over the previous 7+ years. As we expanded and found the need to implement more complete fleet management and different forms of GPS tracking, they always had a great solution or integration. ”

Nicholas Scott

Go Green Electric Inc.

I have to say…no lie…customers and salespeople that come into the office are all VERY impressed by the functionality of this display. We use it all day, every day. I’m lost without it.

Leo Breslin

APS Supply Co

Fleetistics has always been quite helpful with checking in with me on a regular basis, customer service has been great with prompt action and helpful solutions. The Geotab tracking has been helpful in so many ways with Fleet Management

Bob Howell

IVC District 321