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DriveTRAX: GPS Integrated How's My Driving

DriveTRAX™ is not just another GPS tracking system – it’s your eyes on the road, even when you’re miles away. This innovative program provides comprehensive oversight, allowing you to identify and address inconsiderate, inappropriate, or erratic driver behaviors that traditional GPS solutions might miss.

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Introducing DriveTRAX™ by Fleetistics

While GPS tracking is an invaluable tool for monitoring the whereabouts of your fleet, it often falls short in identifying all unwanted driver behaviors. That’s where DriveTRAX™ steps in, offering a unique and powerful solution to enhance your fleet’s safety and efficiency.

Empower the public to be a part of your fleet management strategy. It allows anyone on the road to report incidents of concern, creating a collaborative and community-driven approach to ensure safer roads and more responsible driving.


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Why DriveTRAX™?

It can help you improve safety, reduce costs, and protect your brand. By leveraging the collective observations of your drivers and the public, DriveTRAX™ takes fleet safety to a whole new level. Addressing potential issues proactively helps you reduce risks, minimize accidents, and create a safer environment for both your drivers and the public.

Automated & GPS Integrated Validation

It utilizes GPS tracking data to confirm the vehicle’s location at the time of an incident report. This ensures that the actions reported are indeed associated with your fleet vehicles and not mere coincidences. 


Public-Based Driver Observation Program

Tap into the power of the public to report inconsiderate, inappropriate, or erratic driver behavior associated with your fleet vehicles. This crowdsourcing approach expands the scope of your fleet safety program beyond the confines of your GPS trackers and dashcams.


Integration with Fleetistics GO System and Fleetistics ONE System:

Seamlessly integrate with Fleetistics’ GPS tracking systems, enabling a comprehensive view of driver behavior and incident reports. This integrated approach provides a holistic understanding of your fleet’s safety performance.


Voice Message Recordings

Capture voice message recordings from incident reporters, providing first-hand accounts of observed driver behavior. These recordings can be used for coaching, training, and identifying patterns of misconduct.


Analytics and Progress Measurement

Fleetistics generates comprehensive analytics from the data, allowing you to track trends, identify problem areas, and measure the effectiveness of your driver training programs. 


Data-Driven Insights

Leverage the power of data-driven insights to refine your fleet management strategy, enhance driver training, and continually improve safety standards.

Fleetistics DriveTrax Dashboards

Tailor DriveTRAX™ to meet your specific needs. Enjoy customizable reporting features that enable you to focus on the metrics that matter most to your fleet management objectives.
Fleetistics DriveTrax Dashboards

Fleetistics DriveTRAX Benefits

It is more than just a technology platform; it’s a multifaceted approach to improving fleet safety and brand reputation. By leveraging public feedback and cutting-edge technology, DriveTRAX™ empowers organizations to:

Reduce accidents and claims

By identifying and addressing unsafe driving behaviors, you can help reduce accidents and associated insurance claims.

Improve driver behavior

Real-time feedback and coaching can help improve driver behavior and cultivate a culture of safety within your fleet.

Enhance brand reputation

By preventing incidents that reflect poorly on your brand, it can help you maintain a positive public image and foster customer trust.

Save money

The initial free trial and subsequent low annual fee make it an affordable investment with substantial return on investment potential.

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