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Fleet Sharing & Weather Maps

Fleetistics offers a comprehensive solution for fleet management, empowering you to track your vehicles, share information with stakeholders, and make informed decisions based on real-time weather data. By leveraging our innovative features, you can improve efficiency, safety, and profitability across your entire fleet operation.

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Fleet Sharing and Weather Maps: Optimize Operations with Clarity

The benefits of incorporating fleet sharing and weather maps into your business are multifold. From operational excellence and cost savings to proactive weather management, our solution is the key to unlocking unprecedented efficiency. Picture a fleet that operates like a well-choreographed symphony, responding to real-time data and weather insights with precision. By investing in MyFleetistics, you’re not just adopting a tool; you’re securing a competitive edge that ensures your business not only survives but thrives in the face of challenges. Stay ahead, stay efficient, and let MyFleetistics be the driving force behind your fleet’s success.

Key Features at a Glance

With MyFleetistics’ fleet sharing and weather map capabilites, you’re not just managing your fleet; you’re revolutionizing the way you do business. Embrace the power of informed decision-making and weather-aware fleet management – all without the need for an expensive automated emailing system.


Encrypted Fleet Sharing

Securely share the last reported location of your assets.

Customizable Links

Set expiration dates, display conditions, and time restrictions.

Real-time Fleet Insights

Keep track of your fleet’s current location effortlessly.

Integrated Weather Maps

Stay informed about current and future weather conditions.

How does it Work?

Fleet Sharing: Keeping You Connected

Gone are the days of wondering where your assets are. With our advanced Fleet Sharing feature, you can now access the last reported location of your vehicles and assets effortlessly. The process is simple yet secure, thanks to our encrypted links. Whether you’re tracking a single vehicle or your entire fleet, MyFleetistics empowers you with the tools to stay in control.

Create links tailored to your needs – set them to expire, display only on specific days, or during designated times. It’s flexibility at your fingertips. Our intuitive interface ensures that you can manage your fleet efficiently, providing real-time insights that drive informed decision-making.

MyFleetView Mobile Tracker Fleet sharing and weather maps
  • Choose the vehicles you want to share.
  • Create a secure, encrypted link.
  • Share the link with customers or colleagues.
  • Recipients can access the link to view the vehicle’s location on the map.

Weather Maps: Strategic Insights at Your Fingertips

But that’s not all – we take your fleet management to the next level by integrating current and future weather information directly into MyFleetView. Imagine having the power to foresee weather conditions and make strategic decisions well in advance.

By seamlessly combining fleet location data with weather maps, you can proactively plan routes, schedule maintenance, and safeguard your assets from severe weather conditions. Our Weather Maps feature empowers you to look into the future, ensuring that you’re always prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Fleet sharing and weather maps with myFleetView
  • Subscribe to the optional weather service within MyFleetView.
  • Overlay the weather data on your fleet map.
  • Choose and display relevant weather and road condition information.
  • Utilize real-time data to make informed decisions about fleet management and route planning.

Fleet Sharing & Weather Map Benefits

Maximize your operational efficiency, minimize costs, and stay one step ahead of Mother Nature with our innovative Fleet Sharing and Weather Maps feature. No need for an expensive automated emailing system – we’ve got you covered.

Increased Transparency and Communication

Real-time fleet sharing fosters trust and improves customer satisfaction.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

One-click mobile access allows for faster response times and better field service management.

Enhanced Safety

Weather radar helps you avoid hazardous conditions and protect your drivers and assets.

Reduced Costs

MyFleetView eliminates the need for expensive automated emailing systems and standalone weather services.

Historic Data

Analyze past fleet activity and weather patterns.

Reporting and Alerts

Generate customized reports and receive alerts about important events.

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