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Discover how Geotab’s telematics solutions can help you determine if electric vehicles are the right choice for your fleet, optimize EV use, and maximize your ROI. Accurate data on how far vehicles must be able to travel and how much fuel they burn will be at the core of any financial comparison model. Also to be considered are routine maintenance, the projected cost of repairs, and cost of charging infrastructure.
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Fleet Electric Vehicles: Is EV Right for Your Fleet?

Many fleets are considering the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) in order to reduce costs and emissions. However, it’s crucial to determine if EV adoption is the right fit for your specific fleet needs.

Geotab’s Telematics Data Helps You Make an Informed Decision

Fleet electric vehicles

Considerations for Electric Vehicles

With Geotab’s telematics devices, you gain access to detailed data on your fleet’s driving patterns, fuel consumption, and more. This data allows you to accurately assess the suitability of EVs for your operation by considering factors like:

Daily driving distances

Compare your vehicles’ daily mileage to the range estimates of potential EVs.


Fuel consumption

Analyze your fleet’s fuel usage to estimate potential savings with EVs.

Routine maintenance & repair costs

Understand the projected cost differences between EV and conventional vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Electric Vehicles – Specific Reports and Alerts

With Electric Vehicles you need to stay on top of things that are not so critical with internal combustion engines. State of Charge (SOC) is just one example. Knowing the state of charge tells you if a vehicle can make it to one more job today and still get back to the charging station. Being able to see the SOC displayed on the map allows you to easily see the closest vehicle to a job with sufficient charge to make the round trip.
Electric Vehicles Dashboards

Download our GO-Electric White Paper

Download our GO-Electric White Paper.


Green Goals for Electric Vehicles

Some of the largest fleet operations worldwide are committed to converting their fleets to electric vehicles. They anticipate immediate fuel savings as they reduce carbon emissions and that is a win-win, but electrification may not be the best choice for all vehicles doing all jobs. Geotab’s Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) makes it possible to receive EV procurement recommendations that fit each vehicles driving profile while also understanding the total cost of ownership when switching to EVs.
Electric Vehicle Assessment

Geotab's Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA):

Our EVSA tool helps you receive personalized recommendations on which vehicles in your fleet are best suited for electrification, considering their individual driving profiles. This analysis provides you with the data needed to make informed decisions about EV adoption and maximize your return on investment.

Electric Vehicle Range

Combating Range Anxiety:

Range anxiety is a major concern for many fleet managers considering EVs. Geotab’s telematics data allows you to proactively manage your EV fleet and charging infrastructure to minimize the risk of range anxiety. By analyzing historical data and identifying charging opportunities, you can confidently optimize your EV usage and ensure your vehicles are always ready for operation.

Geotab’s advanced telematics solutions provide you with the data and insights you need to make informed decisions about EV adoption, optimize your EV fleet, and maximize your ROI.

Electric Vehicles Telematics Solutions

Not all telematics systems are equipped to handle the unique data generated by electric vehicles. Geotab offers EV-friendly telematics solutions that track and analyze key EV metrics, including:

State of Charge (SOC)

Monitor the remaining battery charge and ensure vehicles have sufficient range for their assigned tasks.

Real-time charging status

Track charging progress and identify vehicles that are not charging properly.

Low SOC alerts

Receive timely notifications when vehicles reach a pre-defined minimum charge level.

Charging complete alerts

Get notified when vehicles are fully charged and ready for use.

Malfunction alerts

Be alerted to any problems during charging to ensure optimal performance.

Energy recovery monitoring

Track the amount of energy recovered through regenerative braking and downhill driving.

Combined electric and gas consumption reports (for PHEVs)

Optimize the use of hybrid vehicles and ensure they are operating efficiently.

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