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Optimize your fleet’s performance and reduce downtime with Fleetistics’ advanced engine diagnostics. Get real-time fault codes, measurement data, and proactive maintenance alerts to keep your vehicles on the road.
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Reduce Unplanned Downtime with Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Every fleet manager knows the pain of unplanned downtime. It disrupts operations, cuts into revenue, and frustrates customers. That’s why Fleetistics’ engine diagnostics are designed to help you get ahead of maintenance issues and keep your fleet running smoothly.

Engine Diagnostics

Advanced Features for Engine diagnostics

Unplanned downtime can have a devastating impact on your fleet. Fleetistics’ engine diagnostics can help you avoid this costly problem and keep your vehicles running smoothly.

J-Bus data for J-1708 and J-1939

Access detailed engine data from most class 8 fleet trucks.

Odometer and engine light notifications

Get instant alerts when problems arise, allowing you to schedule maintenance proactively.

Hundreds of diagnostic codes

Go beyond the 4-8 codes offered by competitors and gain deeper insights into your vehicles’ health.

Integrations with other fleet maintenance systems

Easily share data with your existing tools for streamlined workflows.

Third-party diagnostic monitoring tools

Access powerful diagnostic tools to analyze data and make informed decisions.

Scalable for fleets of all sizes

From small businesses to the largest corporations, Fleetistics can work for you.

Measurement data: prioritize repairs and optimize performance

Fleetistics doesn’t just tell you what’s wrong; it also tells you how bad it is. By analyzing the severity of faults, you can prioritize repairs and schedule maintenance at the most convenient time.

Engine Diagnostics Dashboards and Reports

Benefits of engine diagnostics

Engine fault codes: the key to proactive maintenance:

Think of engine fault codes as the EKG of your vehicle. By understanding these codes, you can identify potential problems before they become major issues. Fleetistics provides access to hundreds of codes, giving you a complete picture of your fleet’s health.

Reduced unplanned downtime

Keep your vehicles on the road and avoid costly disruptions.

Improved customer satisfaction

On-time deliveries and reliable service keep your customers happy.

Lower rolling cost per mile

Save money on fuel, repairs, and maintenance.

Increased revenue generation

Spend more time generating revenue and less time dealing with breakdowns.

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