Fleet Dashboards

Our fleet dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of the fleet’s performance and enable fleet managers to access real-time data, analyze key metrics, and make informed decisions based on actionable insights.
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Custom Dashboards & Fleet Reports

With dynamic dashboard applications, fleet managers can monitor and visualize various aspects of their fleet, including vehicle locations, fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, driver behavior, and more. The integration of data from multiple sources using standardized definitions allows fleet managers to mine data and extract items for statistical analysis, providing valuable insights into trends and patterns that can positively impact decision-making. Furthermore, fleet dashboards and reporting are not just retrospective tools but also provide prospective and predictive measures for effective decision-making.

Fleet Dashboards and Reports

Fleet Dashbaord and Reporting Features

By utilizing technology and software solutions like fleet management dashboards and reporting, fleet managers can reduce costs, enhance driver safety, minimize risks, increase productivity, and schedule preventive maintenance to minimize downtime.

Customizable Dashboards

Access data at a glance with user-defined dashboards tailored to your specific roles and responsibilities. Service managers get real-time data on a map or mobile app for quick decision-making. Executives receive weekly summary reports for strategic planning.

Data-driven Insights

Rules & Exceptions: Set rules to identify critical events and receive exception alerts for proactive intervention. Standard & Custom Rules: Choose from pre-configured rules or create highly specific rules to address unique needs. Grouping for Reports: Analyze data by vehicle groups, GPS trackers, engine types, model years, service functions, and more.

Trip History

Gain detailed insights into daily vehicle activity with the Start-Stop report. View every stop, duration, miles traveled, idle time, and maximum speed. Access online reports with trip-specific exceptions for deeper analysis.

Comprehensive Reporting

Choose from a vast library of built-in reports or create custom reports for specific needs. Control user group access to reports for enhanced security and data management.

Excel Upload for Custom Reports

Easily convert standard reports to custom reports with Excel editing. Upload customized reports and grant access to specific user groups. Use unique report prefixes for easy identification and organization.

Beyond "Canned" Systems

Fleetistics offers the only fleet management system in the industry with true customization capabilities for reports. Go beyond basic filtering and unlock powerful reporting that adapts to your unique needs.


By utilizing fleet management dashboards and reporting, fleet managers can also enhance driver safety. They can monitor driver behavior metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idling. By identifying risky behaviors, fleet managers can provide targeted training and coaching to improve driver safety and reduce the risk of accidents. Overall, fleet management dashboards and reporting help fleet managers optimize their business by providing real-time visibility, data-driven decision-making, cost reduction strategies, improved efficiency, and enhanced driver safety.
Fleet Dashboards

Fleet Dashboard and Reporting Benefits

With interactive visualizations and user-friendly interfaces, fleet dashboards empower fleet managers to track processes, outcomes, and the overall performance of their fleet. They can easily identify areas of improvement, monitor KPIs, and make data-driven decisions to improve the quality of care in their fleet operations. Our fleet management dashboards and reporting tools enable fleet managers to optimize their business operations in several ways.

real-time visibility

Dashboards provide real-time visibility into the fleet’s performance, allowing fleet managers to monitor and track vehicle locations, routes, and status.

analyze and track key metrics

Fleet management dashboards allow fleet managers to analyze and track key metrics such as fuel consumption, maintenance costs, driver behavior, and vehicle utilization to identify trends and patterns

schedule preventive maintenance

Fleet management dashboards and reporting tools enable fleet managers to schedule preventive maintenance based on real-time data, ensuring that vehicles are properly maintained and minimizing downtime.

enhance driver safety

By identifying risky behaviors, fleet managers can provide targeted training and coaching to improve driver safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

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