Maintenance Administration

Streamline your fleet maintenance admnistration with Fleetistics. Schedule routine maintenance, receive diagnostics, and integrate data with our free APIs. Reduce downtime and keep your fleet running smoothly.

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Control Fleet Maintenance Admnistration and Reduce Downtime

Fleet managers know the importance of preventive maintenance. Breakdowns can cause delays, impact customer relationships, and lead to significant losses. Fleetistics empowers you to control your fleet maintenance administration with powerful features that help you Schedule routine maintenance, Reduce unscheduled downtime, Extend vehicle life, Improve fuel efficiency and Increase safety.


Maintenance Administration

Routine Maintenance Administration

Fleetistics makes routine maintenance administration a breeze. Our system allows you to:

Create maintenance reminders

Set standardized rules for oil changes, registration renewals, insurance checks, and more.

Track odometer readings

Automatically receive odometer data from your vehicles, eliminating manual updates.

View maintenance data remotely

Access critical information on vehicle status, fault codes, and odometer readings from anywhere.

Integrate with other systems

Use our free APIs to integrate maintenance data with your existing systems for a seamless workflow.
Geotab Maintenance Insights

Investing in preventive maintenance helps you

Identify and address potential problems before they lead to breakdowns, keeping your vehicles on the road and your business running smoothly. Proactive maintenance reduces repair costs and extends vehicle life, leading to significant cost savings over time. On-time deliveries and reliable service keep your customers happy and coming back for more.
Maintenance Administration

Value added service with Fleetisitcs

Fleet maintenance is about profitability. Spend a little to save a lot. Investing in maintenance helps reduce the unscheduled downtime and keeps your shipments ahead of maintenance problems. Having the right data to work with is key to this process.

Fleetistics is your one-stop shop for all your fleet maintenance administration needs. We offer a wide range of features and tools to help you:

Get expert advice:

Our team of experienced fleet professionals is available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Customize your system

Tailor Fleetistics to meet the specific needs of your fleet.

Access valuable reports

Gain insights into your fleet’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

Contact us today to learn more about Fleetistics solutions for maintenance administration and how it can benefit your business.

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